Placement Solution

The RS-1XL combines the advantages of the RS-1 and RS-1R with the possibility of assembling printed circuit boards up to 560 mm wide (for comparison RS-1 / RS-1R: max. Width 370 mm). With slightly larger dimensions than a RS-1, the RS-1XL offers the same advantages: fast assembly of the smallest chips (0201 metric) to large components of 50 x 150 mm or 74 mm edge length for square components. The machine combines the properties of a chip shooter with a mounter for large components. There is no need to purchase a special machine type.

New generation of electrical feeders of the type RF

As with the normal RS-1 / RS-1R, the RF feeders are used with the RS-1XL. Due to its compact design, up to 112 feeders can be used on the machine.

Larger board width
The RS-1XL processes circuit boards up to 650 (length) x 560 mm (width) in size. There can be 3 circuit boards in the machine, one in the waiting position at the entrance, one in the assembly and one in the exit. This optimizes a cycle time.

High flexibility – chip shooter and mounter in one machine
The RS-1 family is fetured with the unique TAKUMI (Japanese for “master”) placement head. In the case of small components, this lowers down to a distance of 1 mm onto the circuit board. This minimizes the travel of the individual placement heads (8 pieces) and enables the decisive speed advantage when assembling the smallest components, which are usually represented in large numbers on the circuit board. For larger components, the TAKUMI placement head increases the distance to the circuit board. The setting at which height the placement head is located is determined by the opting algorithm in the programming software. With several RS-1 machines in a line in particular, the components on the circuit board are always used to optimize the machines so that they are fully utilized with the fastest possible assembly.

To learn more about the RS-1XL and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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Board Size max. 650 mm × 560 mm (single clamping)
Component Height 25 mm
Component Size 0201*2 (metric) ~ 74 mm / 50 × 150 mm
Placement Rate Nach IPC9850: 29,000 CPH
Placement Accuracy ± 0.035 mm (Cpk ≥ 1)
Feeder Spaces max. 112*3
Machine Dimensions (W × D × H)Machine Dimensions 2,109 × 2,000 × 1,490 mm