Etek Europe has grown to become a leading supplier of equipment to European Aerospace, Defence, Medical and Electronic Manufacturing industries.

The Directors and staff of Etek Europe have many years of quality experience in the factory production environment and are proud to have a team that has grown with the business. This enables us to provide a premium service from the ground up and understand your needs at every level.

Etek Europe encompasses six core divisions . Each division is managed and staffed by a team of experience industry specialists, ensuring the best service and advice at all times.


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Contact us to arrange a visit to the Etek Demonstration Centre and gain access to our team of extensively trained engineers and equipment experts who will be on hand to answer all of your questions.


The JUKI RS-1R is designed for maximum throughput. Using a revolutionary head design, the RS-1R is designed to reduce travel time and distance for every placement.

Essegi ISM Ultraflex 3600

The ISM Ultraflex 3600 is able to dynamically adjust the internal subdivision of space to accommodate changing mixes of reel heights from 8 up to 88mm.


The Cheetah EVO SMT harnesses the combined power of several YXLON innovations - FeinFocus X-ray tube technology, High Power Target technology, a finely calibrated, long-life flat-panel detector, and a manipulator with cushioned bearings.

ITW EAE MPM 100 Printer

The MPM 100 is flexible, configurable, and easy to use. With speed and accuracy unmatched by any other printer in its class


The VT-S730 is the Industry’s fastest Real 3D-AOI machine using Omron’s unique 3D-Solder Joint Inspection (3D-SJI) technology for Best Inspection Capabilities.

Aquious Technology ZERO ION

The Zero ION Ionic contamination tester is designed and implemented for the purpose of determining and monitoring the cleanliness of assemblies.

Getech GSR1200

The GSR is a twin station, stand-alone router machine, specially designed as a cost-effective solution to meet your PCB depaneling requirements
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