The MacroZoom series is a specialized ergonomic inspection system that pairs a large magnification range, with unheard of working distance, depth of field (area vertically in focus) and user control. These systems fill the need for large field of view inspection, as well as almost unlimited working distance. It also features a variable focal optical design, which allows almost instantaneous refocusing at any height.

The MacroZoom inspection systems combine HUGE working distances, with magnification levels up to 60x. This versatile lens system is at home in nearly any application. The exclusive 24” tall ball bearing base allows for supreme working distance adjustability on the production bench. This lens is also available on an articulating arm, for true ‘one touch’ repositioning.

With every MacroZoom package, we include a ‘close up’ lens. When installed, the working distance of the package is 6-12”, and the magnification range of up to 80x. When removed, the sky is the limit for working distance! Though not reality for many applications, it is possible to still have a clean, focused image over 5’ of working distance… unheard of! We also now include a simple ring light adapter with each lens, for installing after removal of 'close up' lens, so you still have a place to mount your illuminator of choice!

The MacroZoom inspection system is available standard with our Ultra-Cam II™ 5MP Hybrid HDMI/USB Camera. Unlike all other competition, this smart camera is actually two-in-one. This camera features both an HDMI port and USB port, to send high quality images to either a flat screen, or computer... or both simultaneously! Each package ships with (1) wireless mouse for controlling a plethora of onscreen controls... all without needing a PC! The tools included allow for basic image capture, video capture, calibrated measurement, digital zoom, screen inversion, ROI binning, and more! The included 8GB SD card allows for quick transfer of still images to any external PC for archiving, emailing, or documenting in-process.

The low light sensitivity that our exclusive 5MP Hybrid camera posesses has no match. This scientific grade camera can be used for all imaging needs... it is even sensitive enough to use in fluorescence imaging!