Standard Soldering

The CDE-B comes with the JBC exclusive Heating System and the intelligent Sleep & Hibernation features.

This Station is suitable for general electronic applications with a T245 Handle, perfect for both SMD components and for jobs for high power requirements, and works with C245 Cartridges.

It features all the Excellence range benefits such as full control of soldering processes and remote work management.
JBC innovates the CDE station with the Soldering AID, the first system that measures the delivered energy during the soldering process.

The Soldering AID is easy to use: select a cartridge, perform a soldering and save it as solder reference. All the soldering performed after will be compared with the solder reference, displaying information between them.

Why Soldering AID?
It will help to improve the soldering skills of the less experts, to select the optimal temperature and cartridge and to have a more efficient and quality production

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Contact our Production Support Specialist

Contact our Production Support Specialist

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Selectable Temperature 90 to 450 ºC / 190 to 840 ºF
Connectivity USB-B Software PC / Firmware update
Equipotential bonding Optional connection to EPA
Tip to ground resistance <2 ohms
Tip to ground voltage <2 mV RMS
ESD safe