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The CD-B Soldering Station for General Purposes is a soldering station with the JBC Advanced system for general electronic applications. It works with the JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep & hibernation features.

Using the menu, you can personalise over 20 parameters to help manage the soldering process. It also features a USB connector to update software, create graphs and manage parameters from a PC. Complete cleaning system with an anti-splash membrane to keep the work area clean.

Use the integrated wiper to remove excess solder from the tip.

This Station comes with the most versatile T245 Handle and allows soldering from small SMD passives (0201) to large thermal pads (DPAK) as well as THT components. This Handle works with the C245 Cartridges.

It comes with the JBC exclusive Heating System and the intelligent Sleep & Hibernation features.

Using the menu you can personalize over 20 parametes. It features a USB connector to updat and manage parameters from a PC.

A complete Cleaning System with antisplash membrane and wiper with sponge is integrated.

To learn more about the CD-B and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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Weight 2,67 kg (5.88lb)
Size 150 x 175 x 145 mm
Voltage(AC) 230V / 120V / 100V
Input Fuse 1A (230V), 2A (120V and 100V)
Output Peak Power 130W / 23.5V
Temperature selection 90-450 ºC / 190-840 ºF