Static Shielding Bags

Static Shielding bags provide a complete static safe environment for the safe storage and transportation of static sensitive devices and printed circuit boards ensuring easy identification as the bags are semi-transparent..

• All bags are 75 microns thick
• Supplied with ESD symbol as standard
• Available open-top or resealable loc-top
• Provide ‘faraday cage’ for storing and handling static sensitive components/PCB's when they are outside an electrostatic area
• Semi-transparent for easy identification of component
• Suitable for packing electronic products which are static sensitive

Meets the requirements of ESD STM11. 31-2006, EIA541, MIL-PRF-81705, ANSI/ESD S20.20 MIL-STD-3010, IEC 61340-5-1 1998, ASTM D 882

Extra Details
Metallised shielding bags can deteriorate with use. Monitoring them for effectiveness is very important.
Do not crease the bag as this can break down the integrity of the metallised shield.

To learn more about Static Shielding Bags and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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