Comet Yxlon X-Ray Inspection Systems

At the forefront of industrial X-ray technology, Comet Yxlon and the sets the benchmark for unparalleled inspection quality in surface mount technologies, semiconductors, and laboratory environments. We are proud to distribute two of their flagship products: the Cougar EVO and the Cheetah EVO. These advanced X-ray inspection systems are designed to meet the increasing complexity of modern electronic components and assemblies.

Cougar EVO X-Ray Inspection System
The Cougar EVO is renowned for its exceptional imaging capabilities and precise inspection performance. Utilised extensively in surface mount technology (SMT) and semiconductor industries, the Cougar EVO ensures the highest standards of quality and reliability. Its sophisticated imaging technology allows for detailed examination of intricate components, making it an indispensable tool for laboratories and production environments where precision is paramount.

Cheetah EVO X-Ray Inspection System
The Cheetah EVO takes inspection to new heights with its superior imaging brilliance and innovative design. This system is tailored for complex electronic assemblies, providing unmatched accuracy and clarity. Ideal for both semiconductors and SMT applications, the Cheetah EVO is engineered to deliver consistent and reliable inspection results, thereby enhancing productivity and ensuring compliance with stringent industry standards.

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