Inline router machine

The RBM is an inline router machine specially designed to route (de-panelize) a panel of printed circuit boards (PCB) into individual assemblies. A post routing X & Y pick and place board handling facility then provides the link for a fully automated End Of Line (EoL) processing.

The RBM utilizes two work fixtures, one per axis, each dedicated to a panel. A typical sequence starts when the Input Shuttle Conveyor receives a PCB panel. The panel is then shuttled to one of the two parallel routing stations and located onto the customized fixture ready for routing. Whilst the first panel is being routed, a second board is received and shuttled to the second workstation where it waits for the first board to be finished routing.

After separation, the servo driven off load Lifter arm uses a universal bar to lift the boards from the fixture and placed onto an Output Conveyor or optional work station ready for further operations, be it AOI, shunt insertion or label application.

To learn more about the ALP Automatic Labelling Machine and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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