Electronics Fume Extraction

BOFA’s V4000 volume fume extraction system has the capacity to be used on all manufacturers of automated soldering systems such as reflow ovens.

Large filter capacity and vast carbon filters ensure long filter life and optimum extraction even when lead free solder is used.

Adjustable and regulated air flow control ensures consistent temperatures within the solder machine /reflow oven, throughout the life of the filters.

Easily accessible filters are accommodated by the uniquely styled gas spring assisted ‘Gull Winged’ doors, which allow for maximum space and ease when changing filters.

Unit interfaces such as stop/start and system failure are available as options.

Standard Features
Long life filters with low replacement costs
Unique gas spring assisted ‘Gull Winged’ doors for filter access
Blower with high airflow
3 stage filtration
Filter condition display
Built in silencing
Unique easy open ‘clam shell’ and ‘gull winged’ doors for filter access
Automatic flow control system

Replacement filters available for all Bofa systems

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