Ultimate Performance Rework System

The PDR IR-E3 Evolution Rework System for PCBs is a high powered system, available with a multi-zone 2250W, 2800W or 3050W PCB preheater and is designed to rework SMD / BGA / uBGA / QFN / LEDs on small to medium-large PCB assemblies with upto a 18"/450mm PCB capacity. It is loaded with advanced features delivering many benefits including the highest performance and soldering quality available anywhere, yet it remains simple to set up and use.

The PDR IR-E3 Evolution Rework System is now available in 3 models - the E3S, E3G and E3M. Made in the United Kingdom with only the finest components for optimum precision, the PDR IR-E3 Evolution Rework System is our top selling system and one of the best performing BGA Rework Stations worldwide.

Multi-purpose flexible rework focused on precision and simplicity
PDR’s IR-E3 series of SMD/BGA IR rework systems are engineered to cope with the challenges of repairing today’s PCB assemblies. The systems use PDR’s patented Focused IR technology, the world’s only technology that uses Dual-band Visible IR Heating. The light that heats.

The stations are nozzle free, gas free, clean, simple and easy to use. Each model is designed for precise control to produce 100% yield of your SMD/BGA rework without complications. The keys are accurate closed-loop thermal feedback and intuitive easy to use software. The IR-E3 series provides extremely high levels of profiling and process control necessary for the effective rework of the most advanced packages, including SMDs, BGAs, CSPs, QFNs, LEDs, Flip-chips, 0201-01005s and all lead-free applications.

The PDR IR-E3 systems are available in 3 models - E3S, E3G and E3M - each configured perfectly for their respective roles.

Advanced Focused IR component heating
Dual-band Visible IR Heating system
150W, lens based Focused IR heating with adjustable
image system Ø4-70mm

Quartz IR PCB preheating
E3S - 2250W, two zone (240mm x 240mm heating area)
with 750W Micro-PCB Thermo Boost
E3G - 2800W, three zone (360mm x 240mm heating area)
E3M - 3050W, three zone (360mm x 240mm heating area)
with 750W Micro-PCB Thermo Boost

Precision Component Pick and Placement
Advanced Professional vacuum placement system
Soft-touch component landing

Component Nest/Flux Application Facility
Integrated nest with flux dip tray or component
print frame and optional Optical assist

To learn more about the IR-E3 Evolution and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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Top heat power 150W IR
Back heater power 2250-3050W IR
Voltage/frequency 208-240 volts 50/60Hz, up to 3KW
Typical components SMD, BGA, uBGA, QFN, LED, uLED, 0201 etc.
Bench area 1400mm (w) x 600mm (d)
Weight 65 Kg