Configuration System

The software, automated dispensers and specialised benches can be easily reconfigured to suit your needs.
You can select from a range of component dispensers including different sizes of storage trays. Each SIGMA system has the ability to run up to four carousels, each holding up to 50 part numbers. Therefore each SIGMA system can present 200 part numbers, in addition to 176 LED indicators on Tote Bin Arrays or even clip-on LEDs which can be fitted onto your own racking system, or to part’s original packaging if this is how you wish to store your parts.
Our most popular configuration of the SIGMA system consists of the SIGMA software, a touch-screen monitor and a single motorised carousel which can hold up to 50 of your most common part numbers.

To learn more about the Sigma and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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Power consumption of each carousel 70W
Electrical requirement 100 – 110VAC 60Hz, 220-240-VAC 50Hz, switchable.
Carousel Bin index Time <2 seconds
Bin size Depth 58mm (2.3”) x Length 131 mm (5.2”) x Width 117mm (4.6”) tapering to 34mm (1.3”).