Immersion cleaning process

The SYSTRONIC CL830 cleaning system is the ideal system if you want to clean soldering frames, filters and oven parts.

The single-chamber cleaning system made of stainless steel cleans through the aerator effect via a register inserted in the chamber floor. The cleaning medium is set in motion with the aid of compressed air.

The SYSTRONIC CL830 is equipped with a 290 liter tank, which has the advantage of a very long cleaning service life.

The system is operated via a user-friendly touch panel.

Optionally, the system can also be equipped with a semi or fully automatic flush.

Another option is a drying unit to operate the system fully automatically.

If the chamber size is not sufficient for your items to be cleaned, you can use the CL831 to enlarge the chamber size to your desired size. This also increases the size of the cleaning tank.

It is the perfect model for medium and high throughputs.

Characteristics SYSTRONIC CL830
Low investment volume
Little need for space
Part size 905 x 524 x 410mm (CL831 any size)
Semi and fully automatic process possible
Programmable via touch panel
Short cleaning time
Easy to use, quick and economical cleaning system

To learn more about the CL830 and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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