Perfection of CT inspection made simple and efficient

The YXLON FF85 CT computed tomography system with dual tube configuration is designed to achieve extremely precise inspection results across a wide variety of material types and parts size. With a combination of state-of-the-art hardware and the award-winning innovative software platform Geminy, the FF85 CT supports one of the most diverse application spectrums in the X-ray and CT industry.

System Capabilities
The YXLON FF85 CT is a high-power, high-resolution computed tomography system ideally suited for inspections of a wide variety of small to medium sized items such as:

Aluminum, steel and super alloy components
Additive manufacturing samples
Fiber-reinforced composites
Plastic injection molded parts
Historical art and archeological objects
Geological samples
Biological samples
Mechatronic modules

The strength of the YXLON FF85 CT is its combination of two tubes (a high-powered minifocus tube and a high-resolution microfocus tube) and a spacious flat panel detector. This configuration offers the ability to inspect the broadest range of items – even allowing testing of different parts in one run.

Intuitive system control is accomplished via two touchscreens displaying easy to understand graphics. Intelligent functionality supports the user: As an example, create your individual imaging chain via drag and drop icons.

CT trajectories such as “HeliExtend” (helical CT scan and reconstruction method) provide consistently good image quality from top to bottom, and capture elongated specimens with a high magnification scan. Helical CT eliminates the need for image stitching and creates better images for tall parts.

The ability to select your own center of scan rotation using ‘virtual axis rotation’ (FlexCenter) offers considerable comfort and saves time. The inspected item need not be repositioned if regions of interest fall outside the physical center of rotation of interest.

A system health monitor gives you information on various parameters. Results are consolidated and displayed in a ‘traffic light’ representation. Additionally, you can access this health-state of the system and the progress of the CT (and reconstruction) from your office through our remote monitoring software.

To learn more about the YXLON FF85 CT and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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Technical Details
Attribute Respective Value
Sample Diameter 1000 [mm]
Sample Height up to 1840 [mm]
Maximum Sample Weight 400 [kg]
Focus-Detector-Distance (FDD) up to 2050 [mm]
X-ray Tube Y.TU450 mini-focus Y.TU600 mini-focus 300kV directional beam tube Y.FXT 225.48 directional beam tube
CT Modes Cone beam CT, Helical CT, virtual axis, FoV extension, Volume Crop, QualityScan, QuickScan®
Manipulation 7 axes, granite based