Stencil and Misprint Cleaning System

The Aqueous Technologies StencilWasher LDO Stencil and Misprint Cleaning System utilizes precisely controlled sound waves to remove un-reflowed solder paste from stencils, screens and misprints. At 40 kHz, the ultrasonic energy is gentle enough not to damage delicate parts yet is highly effective in the removal of dried pastes on fine-pitch stencils. The built-in ultrasonic "sweep" generator oscillates the cleaning frequency between 37 kHz and 43 kHz, preventing damage to wire bonds and other delicate devices.

StencilWasher LDO is capable of cleaning stencils or misprints up to 29" x 29" in size (full immersion).

StencilWasher LDO is equipped with many standard features including:
Programmable digital wash cycle timer
Safe 31 watts per liter power ratio
Wash solution heating system with programmable digital temperature controller
Wash solution filtration system with stainless steel housing
Rinse water filtration system with stainless steel housing
Hand-held rinse wand
Hand-held airknife
Fully enclosed (cabinetized)
Ten year limited transducer warranty

To learn more about the StencilWasher LDO and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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Dimensions: 30"D x 55"W x 45"H
Weight: 600 lbs
Construction: Welded Tube Steel Frame
Finish: Powder-Coating Epoxy
Wash Tank Capacity: 35 Gallons (133 Liters)
Maximum Stencil Size (full immersion): 29" x 29" (736.6mm x 736.6mm)