High Speed Compact Modular Mounter

The JUKI RX-7Ultra High-Speed Mounter is the perfect solution for companies looking to assemble printed circuit boards with a large variety of components. In particular: micro-components, therefore being able to equip large volumes. The compact design of the RX-7 with a machine width of 0.998 metres offers competetive productivity in a very small space – unsurpassed in the industry.

Maximum Productivity
JUKI’s RX-7 achieves a mounting speed of up to 75,000 CPH (optimum) thanks to its intelligent design with two ultra-fast parallel rotational heads that can each hold up to 16 vacuum nozzles.

High Quality
The two built-in cameras – one per rotational head – create real-time images during the placement process: in the course of the feeder uptake as well as while the component is being placed. The cameras regonise whether components are positioned and soldered correctly, thus preventing mounting errors and defective circuit boards in advance.

User Friendliness
Owing to the integrated touchscreen, JUKI’s RX-7 is equipped with an easy to operate user surface, which allows an intuitive machine operation. As a result even users without any extensive technical knowledge can easily created pick-and-place programs.

To learn more about the RX-7 and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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Board Size
Single Lane Conveyor: 50 X 50 ~ 360 X 450mm
Dual Lane Conveyor: 50 X 50 ~ 360 X 250mm
Component Specs
Component Height: 3mm
Component Size: 0402 (01005) ~ 5mm
Feeder Inputs Max.76 using dual lane 8mm tape
Placement Specs
Placement Speed (chip): Chip Optimum: 75,000CPH
Placement Accuracy: Laser Recognition: ±40μm (Cpk≧1)