Prodigy Dual Lane Dispenser

The Prodigy Dual Lane (DL) dispenser was developed to meet the demands of automotive and semiconductor manufacturers who are looking for ways to increase productivity. The platform is available in a compact 830mm wide 4 zone system or the larger 1270mm 6 zone system giving the ability to process a wide range of product sizes.

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Camalot has released Dynamic Dual Head™ (DDH) which offers the unique ability to double dispense speed while maintaining the highest level of accuracy for both dispense pumps. The patented design corrects for part to part rotation in “real-time” allowing synchronous dispensing of both pumps. Camalot released NuJet™, a jetting technology for the Prodigy dispenser that eliminates the use of a needle and incorporates a state-of-the-art pneumatic actuator that generates an operating frequency of up to 300Hz. For more information see Options below under Enhanced Features.

High-Speed and Extremely Accurate Dispensing
Advanced linear-drive architecture, combined with exceptional frame stability enables greater precision at higher speeds, resulting in consistently higher yields. The Camalot Prodigy boasts a +/- 35µ 3 Sigma dot placement accuracy at full speed.

Improved Productivity
Dual lane conveyors enable improved optimization by allowing two identical or two different products to be processed in either lane. Multi-tasking functionality provides increased efficiency and flexibility, dispensing operations can be switched automatically between conveyor lanes for products that require multiple dispense passes of underfill and PCB transfer time is eliminated as the dispense process can start in the adjacent lane immediately.

Large Board Capability
Each conveyor lane can be configure with up to 3 zones and is capable of handling products up to 400mm x 254mm

Controlled Heating for a Repeatable Process
Contact and non-contact heating in several configurations including heated lift chucks ensures that dispense materials are at a controlled, constant temperature for repeatable, controllable material flow rates for underfill and encapsulation.

Plug and Play Architecture
Constantly changing needs in dispense processing require flexibility in system configuration. The Prodigy’s features are easily field upgraded, due to ‘plug and play’ compatibility and simplicity. They can be retrofitted in the field, including heat, pumps, weight scale, 2nd Z-axis, and even the conveyor system.

Independent Dual Head
Independent Dual Head configurability allows dispensing of different materials within one process. Both Z-axes are independently controlled, facilitating both high positional accuracy and fast axis movement.

Synchronous Dual Head Mode
Synchronous Dual Head Mode operates both pumps simultaneously and reduces dispense time by approximately 50%.

Automatic Vision Alignment
The Prodigy features automatic vision for both fiducial alignment and manual teaching of programs. Fiducial images are taught and saved to an onboard library; in addition, it works as an image recognition system so that any unique feature can be used for alignment. Camalot’s edge detection vision alignment is the fastest and most accurate positioning method available. A one-snap operation finds all four edges of die up to 25mm square, and automatically adjusts needle path for variations in X,Y, and theta placement, die width, and edge parallelism.

Pipeline Conveyor Mode
Pipeline conveyor mode allows parallel product transfer within the machine, reducing transfer time from input buffer or preheat to dispense station in as little as 2.5 seconds, down from a standard 5 - 6 seconds. For a process that currently has a 25 second cycle time, this provides an additional 10% in UPH!

Benchmark User Interface with Flip Chip Calculator
Easy to learn and use, ITW EAE’s Benchmark software is powerful yet intuitive, and offers enhanced functionality and features such as a flip chip calculator for underfill. It outputs accurate volume and weight details by allowing precise weight data to be entered into the program, reducing setup time and scrapped parts.

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XY Placement ± 35 microns @ 3 Sigma
XY Repeatability ± 10 microns @ 3 Sigma
XY Acceleration 1.5g peak
Z-Axis Accuracy ± 25 microns @ 3 Sigma
Z-Axis Repeatability ± 10 microns @ 3 Sigma
Dot Placement Speed (Jet) 50,000 DPH (3mm pitch)

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Enhanced Technology

Dynamic Dual Head (DDH)
The proprietary design of Dynamic Dual Head (DDH) provides the only fast and fully accurate solution for dual head simultaneous dispensing. The DDH option uses a unique and patented mini XY drive system on a second Z-Axis to correct “real-time” and allow synchronous dispensing of both pumps regardless of part to part rotation. This technique guarantees increased productivity whilst maintaining yields through unsurpassed accuracy.

IR Temperature Sensors
Patent pending, closed-loop monitoring of the PCB/substrate temperature ensures dispenser process stability and yield improvements for underfill applications.

NanoShot is the next generation of “jetting” technology. Offering high speed - Up to 600 Hz, and ultra-fine resolution, with dot sizes < 300 microns, this patent pending pump features state-of-the-art motion control technology, simple maintenance, quick changeover, and a low cost of ownership. Needle Cleaner/Detector
A vacuum-based cleaning station ensures cleanliness of needle/nozzle. A detector is used to verify needle straightness and presence, compatible with 12–32 gauge needles.

NuJet Jetting Pump
NuJet eliminates use of a needle and incorporates a contact jetting technique to displace the dispense material. Controlling the piston with a pneumatic actuator and closed-loop software achieves a high degree of accuracy and repeatability for consistent process results.

Servo-drive Auger Screw Pumps
Camalot offer 2 types of Auger pump both controlled with a precise servo drive system. The 635SD series are typically used for finer feature dots and lines of high viscosity material. The 680SD pumps delivers high flow rates and also incorporate a patented positive shutoff that eliminates dripping of lower viscosity materials. For highly abrasive materials both pump systems offer more wear resistant carbide auger screws.

SmartStream® Pump Technology
SmartStream is a unique patented non-contact dispense method designed and manufactured by Camalot. A controlled stream of material is dispensed using positive displacement with a piston, which does not contact seat or nozzle. SmartStream dispenses a column of material with each cycle instead of a single sphere.

Dual-Mode Weight Scale
A patented closed-loop weighing process measures dispense patterns and automatically compensates for material viscosity for maximum accuracy.