Long Board SMT Placement Machine

JUKI’s JX-350 offers high flexibility and quality presented in a compact design while maintaining an attractive low price. This model handles long printed circuit boards up to 1.50 metre and is expecially suitable for cost-efficient LED assemblage. On top of that the incorporated laser technology enables a highly accurate placement of diffusion lenses due to the recognition technology which identifies the main orientation of the lens.


Long Board Production up to 1,500 mm

This model is capable of 1,200 mm long PWB production as standard. Long board production up to 1,500 mm is available. This is the best long board size on the market. Long board production includes several clamping steps. Placements on the placement area are optimised in order to enhance placement speed and productivity significantly.

High Flexibility
Alternate pick by offset nozzles achieves high-speed placement for large components up to 25 mm diameter. Offset nozzles enable pick, recognition and placement of 6 diffusion lenses or large components, up to 25 mm diameter, in one pass. Reduced head unit movement improves productivity significantly.

High Productivity
The placement rate of 32,000 CPH is achieved due to a lighter crossbar and a revised steering of the head, therefore attaining a tempo increase of 18 % as opposed to the latest model. An independent control of each individual Z- and Theta-Axis of the head allows superior flexibility, accuracy and redundancy while achieving high-precision placement angles.

To learn more about the JX-350 and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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Board Size Component Height Component Size Placement Head Placement Rate Placement Accuracy Feeder Spaces
up to 1,500 × 360 mm 12.0mm 0603 (metrisch) 0201 (inch) up to 33.5 × 33.5 mm One Multi-nozzle head (6 nozzles) up to 32,000 CPH laser centering (optimum) ± 50 µm (Cpk ≥ 1) laser centering up to 240 (8 mm electronic double tape feeder)