Intelligent Storage Management System

The ISM1100 Citadel has been specifically designed to achieve an optimum performance in regards to storage capacity and total size that guarantees to keep components safe while allowing for easy and intelligent management of component inventory. With a maximum total capacity of 1100 7" reels, the Citadel is the optimal solution for anyone who needs to speed up warehouse management retrieval and storage while maintaining a small footprint.

During the fully automatic insertion and extraction of up to 27 reels there is no user intervention necessary. In the meantime, the employee can easily work on other tasks. Furthermore the automated storage saves valuable time, which would be lost when using a traditional high-bay racking system for the manual picking and packing as well as the retrieval of material.

Space-Saving Solution
The flexible storage solution of the ISM 1100 allows the storage of up to 1,100 7“ reels on an effective area of just 1.6 m². The height of the stored reels can variate between 8 mm and 16 mm. When different reel heights are combined the capacity of the system decreases accordingly.

Error Elimination
The fully automatic storage system prevents human allocation errors. Each source of error is entirely eliminated, because every material is scanned and photographed during insertion and extraction. In addition the internal systems software can report back to the in-house ERP system on imported material as well as possible missing parts.

Humidity Control Module
With the help of the optional humidity control module it is possible to constantly adjust and monitor the humidity within the system. Hereby maintaining an internal environment below 5% RH and thus protecting sensitive components from humidity. During the whole storage cycle of the component the software keeps a record of the predominant humidity.

To learn more about the ISM1100 and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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