Smart Storage Solution

The ISM Ultraflex 3600 is able to dynamically adjust the internal subdivision of space to accommodate changing mixes of reel heights from 8 up to 88mm. With the humidity control module, it is possible to adjust and monitor humidity, to maintain an internal environment below 5% RH. This way it will be possible to store all sensitive components correctly and, thanks to the software interface, the Floor Life of each component can be monitored in terms of humidity.

Life cycle reel management: incoming, tracing and updating
The software monitors the life cycle of each single reel / tube or other format, from incoming until it is exhausted, by constantly updating its position at each loading or unloading and the quantity of components still present after each production.

Humidity monitoring and SMD components management
If at least one of the purchased warehouse is equipped with Humidity Control Unit, the software will track for each reel, the humidity levels to which it is exposed and for how long, indicating in the analysis the components in stock that have exceeded the level of exposure allowed. In the case of mixed systems, sensitive components can be set to be stored only in machines with humidity control.

To learn more about the ISM Ultraflex 3600 and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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Dimensions Width=2,52m Depth=1,45m Minimum height to transport= 2,35m Operating height= 2,4m adjustable up to 2,6
Peso 1000kg (without trays) 1500kg (with trays)
Electrical consumption average 0,2 KWh - maximum0,4 KWh average with 8 units for moisture control 0,4 KWh - maximum 2 KWh
System Microsoft Win7 / Win8 / Win 10; Microsoft Win Server 2008/2012
Moisture control Up to 20 units
Other accessories Touch Screen