Water-based cleaning agent for reflow ovens and wave solder systems

VIGON® RC 303 is a water-based cleaning agent specifically developed to remove all types of baked-on flux residues from reflow ovens and wave solder systems. Also, it removes re-condensed fluxes and emissions from condensation traps and heat exchangers.

As the successor to VIGON® RC 101, VIGON® RC 303 delivers improved cleaning performance along with increased operator safety.

Advantages of VIGON® RC 303 compared to other cleaners:
Improved cleaning performance
Direct application to warm surfaces (40-50°C / 104-122°F) possible as a result of no flashpoint
Decreased soaking time improves overall cleaning process and minimizes equipment downtime
Excellent material compatibility with aluminium and epoxy surfaces
Improved formulation with reduced VOC emissions
Environmentally friendly
Low odour

Advantages of cleaning with VIGON® RC 303 in wave solder systems:
Reduced cleaning agent consumption compared to IPA
Operator safety improved as a result of no flashpoint and lower VOC emissions

To learn more about the VIGON RC 303 and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below

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