3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)

Built upon latest 3D projection technology, the TR7007DI SPI offers industry leading inspection accuracy for the most demanding applications. The inline inspection system automatically optimizes the inspection route for best performance, and TRI’s innovative SmartWarp system compensates for any board warpage during inspection. The TR7007DI is a versatile SPI solution bringing accuracy and speed to your fingertips.

100% Shadow-free Dual Digital Fringe projectors
Optimized Stop-and-Go Design for Maximum Accuracy
SmartWarp Compensation Eliminates Local PCB Deformation
100% Solder Paste Defect Coverage including Low Bridges

To learn more about the TRI TR7007DI SPI and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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Optical System
Imaging Method Stop-and-Go Imaging
Camera 4 Mpix or 12 Mpix (factory setting)
Imaging Resolution 6 μm, 10 μm , 15 µm (factory setting)
Lighting RGB True Color LED
3D Technology 2-way Digital Fringe Pattern
Field of View 4 Mpix@ 10 µm: 20.3 x 20.3 mm

4 Mpix@ 15 µm: 30.5 x 30.5 mm

12 Mpix@ 6 µm: 24.4 x 18.4 mm*

12 Mpix@ 10 µm: 40.8 x 30.7 mm

12 Mpix@ 15 µm: 61.2 x 46.1 mm

* 6 μm is not available for TR7007DI DL

Inspection Performance
Imaging Speed 4 Mpix: 3 FOV/sec

12 Mpix: 2 FOV/sec

12 Mpix CoaXPress: 3 FOV/sec*

Note: Inspection speed depends on PCB and inspection conditions * With optional CoaXPress upgrade

Height Resolution @ 6 µm: 0.22 µm

@ 10/15 µm: 0.4 µm

@ 6 µm: 210/420 µm

@ 10/15 µm: 420/840 µm

Max. Solder Height

Board Handling

Max PCB Size TR70007DI: 510 x 460 mm*

TR7007DI DL: 510 x 310 mm x 2 lanes, 510 x 590 mm x 1 lane

* 6 μm is only available for TR7007DI, the Max. PCB size is 330 x 310 mm

PCB Thickness 0.6-5 mm