Automatic three chamber cleaning system

This fully automated high-end three chambered cleaning system is ideal for middle up to high throughput of stencils. It allows the cleaning of MISPRINTS and STENCILS within the same process.

The three cleaning procedures take place in separate chambers. Short cycle times arise because of the parallel procedures of cleaning and drying.

The SYSTRONIC CL500 in stainless steel design offers you a perfect separation of the media: a savings effect because of low mixing and evaporation which pays.

Solid stainless steel all around
Max. size of stencil 750 x 800 x 40mm
Loading and unloading within separate chambers
Parallel procedure of cleaning and drying process
Extrem short cycle times
Lowest possible usage of cleaning media

To learn more about the CL500 and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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