Automated Optical Inspection

The TRI TR7700Q SII is powered by TRI's Smart Library with auto-learning functionalities, flexible inspection algorithms, and metrology capabilities for exact measurements and data exchange for Smart Factory applications. The advanced mechanical stability The TR7700Q SII has a Higher Accuracy, and improved Gauge R&R with Stop-and-Go Imaging Technology.

Smart Factory Solution
Improve the production’s print and placement performance with TRI’s Feedback and Forward Ready capabilities. Enjoy the benefits of YMS 4.0, TRI’s Industry 4.0 Solution for Smart Factories. YMS 4.0 assures your Closed Loop process integration and optimization from Solder Inspection to MDA Testing.

Maximum Precision with 4-way Projection
TR7700QE combines a high-resolution orthogonal camera and quad multi-angle digital fringe pattern projection for best inspection coverage.

• Industry-Leading Inspection Speed, up to 57 cm2/sec
• Multiple 3D Technologies: Zero-escapes Inspection
• High Accuracy Inspection with G&R, High Precision Inspection

To learn more about the TR7700Q SII Automated Optical Inspection system and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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Optical System
Imaging Method Stop-and-Go Imaging
Top Camera 12 Mpix
Angle Camera N/A
Imaging Resolution 10 µm, 15 µm (factory setting)
Lighting Multi-phase true color LED, Coaxial lighting
3D Technology Quad Digital Fringe Projectors
Max. 3D Range 12 Mpix@ 10 µm: 0-10 mm
12 Mpix@ 15 µm: 0-40 mm*
* Requires Z axis control. The default 3D height is 0 – 20mm

Inspection Performance
Imaging Speed 12 Mpix@ 10 µm: 13.5 cm²/sec
12 Mpix@ 10 µm: 23 cm²/sec with optional CoaXPress
12 Mpix@ 15 µm: 30 cm²/sec
12 Mpix@ 15 µm: 50 cm²/sec with optional CoaXPress
Note: Depending on component distribution
Motion Table & Control
X-Axis Control Ballscrew + AC-servo controller (Linear motor optional)
Y-Axis Control Dual driven ballscrew + AC-servo controller
Z-Axis Control Ballscrew + AC-servo controller (optional)
X-Y Axis Resolution 1 µm
Board Handling
Max PCB Size TR7700QE: 510 x 460 mm
TR7700L QE: 660 x 610 mm
TR7700QE DL: 510 x 310 mm x 2 lanes, 510 x 590 mm x 1 lane
PCB Thickness 0.6-5 mm
Max PCB Weight 3 kg
Top Clearance 50 mm
Bottom Clearance 40 mm
Edge Clearance 3 mm [5 mm optional]
Conveyor Inline
Height: 880 – 920 mm
* SMEMA Compatible
WxDxH TR7700QE: 1100 x 1730 x 1750 mm
TR7700L QE: 1250 x 1880 x 1750 mm
TR7700QE DL: 1100 x 1830 x 1750 mm
Note: not including signal tower, signal tower height 520 mm
Weight TR7700QE: 920 kg
TR7700L QE: 1170 kg
TR7700QE DL: 950 kg