High Speed Flexible Mounter

The JUKI KE-3020 High Speed & Flex Mounter is a high-speed flexible placement supplier meeting various expectations. JUKI’s KE-3010 Speed Mounter takes on the job of placement from ultra-small components while JUKI’s KE-3020 Flex Mounter is called in to action regarding placement with large and odd-shaped components. Both machines operate with a simultaneous, instantaneous centring of components in favour of a high-speed production.

The JUKI KE-3020 is Juki's latest leading-edge technology for improved flexibility and production quality. It supports both electronic and mechanical tape feeders and can handle boards up to 22" x 24". With its multi-nozzle (six nozzles) laser head, the KE3020 can achieve a rated IPC9850 speed of 17,100CPH and is capable of a component placement range from 01005 (0402 metric) to 74mm2.

High Productivity
The high-resolution camera enables high-precision inspection of components such as QFPs with 0.2 mm lead pitch.

High Quality
A non-contact laser sensor measures the height of the PCB to prevent exessive force on components and reduce the risk of damage. This height measurement function sensor can also measure the pick height more accurately and faster than other methods.

To learn more about the KE-3020 and its highlights, simply download our datasheet below.

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Component Height 12mm 20mm 25mm(XL size)
Placement Accuracy ±0.05 mm (±3σ) ±0.03mm(MNVC ±0.04mm)
Placement Speed 20,900CPH 17,100CPH
Feeder Input Max.160 in case of 8mm tape (on an Electric double tape feeder)